Let’s Play!

We have programs available for for all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced, including one-on-one and group instruction, leagues, club tournaments, sanctioned tournaments and fun filled events. All this and more so that you can have the best Pickleball experience possible. We’re so excited about the future of Pickleball 603 and we know you will be too!

*All categories subject to change

Don’t Know How to Play Yet or Want to Improve Your Game?

We have a number of options for members and non-members who want to learn to play and improve their game.

Pickleball 101
This is a 2 hour, single session with PPR Certified Pros that will put you on the court, help you learn the basics of the game. $25 for the 2 hour clinic. Loaner paddles available.

4 Week Pickleball LEVEL 1 Improver Clinic!
Also available to Non-Members.
If you have completed our Pickleball 101 class, or you’ve played a bit but would like to become more comfortable, then this Improver Clinic is for you. 4 weeks of 2 hour clinics plus 4 additional hours of court time so you can practice. $195 for the program.

4 Week Pickleball LEVEL 2 Improver Clinic!
Also available to Non-Members.
Specifically designed for those who have completed the LEVEL 1 Improver Clinic Series. Pre-requisite: LEVEL 1 Clinic and Coach approval required. $195 non members / $145 members

Drill Clinics (by Level) Available to Members and Non Members.

Call us for more information or email Deb@Pickleball603.com to register.

Open Play

Mix in with various levels. During these sessions we will group level ranges on specific courts e.g. 3.0-3.49 to enhance the quality of enjoyment and fun!

Court Rental

Prefer to play with your own group? Then court rentals are for you! Check the schedule for court availability as this is subject to change.

Mens, Womens, and Mixed Leagues

6 week sessions
Gift cards and prizes for top teams!
(additional fees may apply)

MLP Type Team Leagues

6 week sessions followed by seeded playoff round
Gift cards and prizes for top teams!
(additional fees may apply)

Play it Forward

These sessions are designed to give lower level players the ability to play up and, at the same time, higher level players to play down in a less competitive situation to work on skills during in game situations!

Five to Survive!

Rhythm and flow of the game are everything when working to increase your level of play! In these sessions, each team is required to dink at least five times before any speed ups or lobs can occur. These are real games to 11 but require you to use your soft game which will most definitely aid in getting your game to the next level!

Major League Pickleball (MLP) Events!

Teams of 4 with 2 players rotating in and out every 7 points and rally scoring, just like in MLP. GREAT FUN!


Players will play competitive matches where they have the opportunity to move up or down courts to establish their ladder position. Our ladders will be organized and scheduled for various skill levels.

  • Each match is played to 11 points win by 1 or until 15 minutes
  • At the end of each match, the winning team will move up a court and the losing team will move down a court
  • If the score is tied at the end of 15 minutes the game switches to rally scoring and the next point wins!
  • When you move up or down a court, you split with your partner and pair with a new partner from the other two players who also just moved to your court
  • The goal is to win games to advance to a higher court

Club Rated Ladders

A rating is only as good as the partnership! Choose your partner and have a blast moving up and down (hopefully up!) the ladder in a competitive format. All results will be entered into our club rating system and with the team format you can expect accurate results!

Round Robins

A “Round Robin” is a structured form of play organized by skill levels. During the Round Robin session, you will play a number of games, each potentially with a different partner and against a different pair of opponents. It is designed so that all players are playing against people of roughly equal ability, which makes play fun and reasonably competitive for the majority of players.

Member-Only Club Tournaments

These weekend tournaments will run through three seasons: fall, winter, and spring for all levels, where we will crown men’s, women’s and mixed Club Champions!

Open Tournaments

We will host sanctioned weekend tournaments, open to non-members and members alike, that will help raise funds for various charities. A few causes close to our hearts are combating childhood cancer and veterans services ♥

Club Pro Led Rating Sessions

PB603’s Club Pro will put a group of similar level players through ‘Pickleball Bootcamp’ where you will be rated in specific shots including forehand, backhand, drop, blocks, dinks, etc. followed by three games, one with each of the attendees, where you will be judged on strategy and overall play for an accurate rating!

Instruction & Coaching

We have coaches and clinics to suit every level from private or small group lessons to drilling clinics for varying levels.

Senior Socials

Dink then Drink! We will have socials for Seniors: Beat then Eat with other 60+ year olds, for the love of the game! We’ll have socials for families – bring the gang and have a blast. We’ll have socials for all ages and abilities to celebrate the holidays or just because!

Kids Programs

Teach them young for a lifetime of fitness and fun! Check out schedule for fun filled after school programs!

Ball Machine Rentals

Rent the best! We use only the ERNE ball machine! $20 per hr. *regular court fees apply*

House Rules

  • All rules put in place are there for the enjoyment, safety and fluid utilization of the courts. All club members are expected to follow all the rules of Pickelball 603.
  • Treat everyone with respect and as part of this great community. Anything deemed as mistreating another member of this club will not be tolerated.
  • Outdoor shoes can be worn into the locker rooms and shoe changing areas only, never on the courts. Wearing outdoor shoes on any courts within the facility means potential expulsion from the club.
  • Games are played to 11, win by 2. From time to time during peak hours, games can be shortened by management to 9 and win by 1 to accommodate all players.
  • Selkirk’s S1 is the clubs ball of choice and are to be used during all PB 603 organized sessions. Other balls may not be used. Private groups may opt to use another ball.
  • The Club will provide balls for Club events (tournaments, clinics, etc). Please bring your own balls for Open Play and privately booked courts.
  • If you sign up, please show up. Player courtesy with regard to showing up for their registered events is required. No shows and cancellations hurt the players in the group as well as those players who didn’t have a chance to take your spot. A No Show or Late Cancellation fee of $25 will be charged.