Meet the Coaches

Cobi Moore
Club Pro

Cobi is available for private and Coach +3 lessons when he is not playing professionally on the APP / PPA Tour. Born and raised in Hampstead NH, he found a passion in competing in sports at the highest levels. After attending Lasell University and majoring in Education and playing volleyball there, he played professional volleyball in the Volleyball League of America. Cobi found pickleball shortly after college and has played across the country at various levels including the pro circuit. Teaching was a passion from a young age so having the opportunity to teach and coaching something he loves has been a great experience.

Caitlin St. Onge

We are so pleased to announce the addition of Caitlin St.Onge to our already strong and talented coaching staff! Caitlin has been a staunch supporter for the great game of Pickleball for several years now and has strongly influenced the women’s game in the state of New Hampshire and along that path has become the number one ranked women’s DUPR player in the state. She is well known and revered for her welcoming approach and positive attitude to all level of players! With her deep knowledge of the game, she can assist players as they advance through the ranks and help everyone best achieve their highest level of play.

Dave Olney

Dave was brought up playing tennis and volleyball, always enjoying net sports. He was introduced to pickleball in spring 2017 by some local, returning snowbirds and was instantly hooked! Winter 2022 Dave began assisting Ted with both beginner and skills+drills classes, and looks forward to helping players improve at PB603.

Deb DiPietro

After being introduced to pickleball many years ago, Deb quickly became a pickleball enthusiast. Her background in tennis and training gives her a unique approach in teaching the game of pickleball from beginners to advanced players. Deb travels the country checking out pickleball in other areas to bring back new strategies, techniques, drills and more. Deb is PPR a Certified Coach.

Margo and Steve Spaziani

Margo and Steve met playing racquetball; Steve played for over 35 years, Margo played for about 15.  They partnered together and were NH State Racquetball Champions in 2017.  During Covid, when the gym shut down temporarily, they tried out pickleball and were hooked!  They love being outside and being able to travel and play wherever they go, just by bringing our sneakers and paddles!  They loved pickleball so much that they got married on a pickleball court in 2021!  To bring their love of the sport to others they now teach pickleball and received their national certification through PPR in 2023.

Sharon DeAngelo

Sharon is a PPR certified coach and has been playing Pickleball since 2017. As a Personal Trainer, sports enthusiast and life-long advocate of health and fitness Sharon is thrilled to bring her drilling program ” Drills for Skills” to PB603. These fun workshops are designed for players looking to improve their Pickleball IQ and master skills through drilling.

Karin Franco

Karin comes to Pickleball 603 with 5 years of pickleball experience and currently plays competitively in tournaments. She is a PPR Certified Coach with 2 years of coaching experience for adults, kids and team building events. She is motivated by watching new and improvers grow and play with confidence, exploring options, form social communities, laugh and embrace the beauty of this sport. Karin has also been a Physical Therapist Asst. for the past 30 years.
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